Nitrous Oxide (gas)

Nitrous Oxide Sedation: this type of sedation is given as an inhalational agent, where the child wears a mask on their nose which delivers the nitrous oxide. The patient inhales the agent and exhales the agent without processing the agent. This means they breathe it out the same way they breathe it in.

Nitrous oxide acts to change the nitrogen levels in the body, and creates a slight “happy” feeling in children. It does not put your child to sleep. Once your child is on 100% oxygen, they will have no residual effects. Nitrous oxide is the safest drug that we have in anesthesia and dentistry. It is even safer than “Novocaine”!

This type of sedation is good to use with children who may have slight anxiety, or have limited work that needs to be done. Nitrous oxide is used on many patients who have good behavior, and have treatment that can be done in less than a half hour.