Childrens Dental

Many people describe this as “sleep dentistry”. We do not believe in this technique, or using “deep sedation” with children, we use oral conscious sedation to help facilitate your child’s treatment. There are several types of oral sedation that we use based on your child’s needs and anxiety level.

Whatever sedation we decide to use, your child is not to eat or drink anything after midnight. When coming to your appointment, dress your child in loose-fitting, comfortable clothes, please stay away from clothing that is snug around the neck and chest area. Your child will always be evaluated prior to their sedation to evaluate their airway and their breathing. If your child is sick, or sounds congested, we will reschedule their sedation, your child’s safety is our greatest concern. After their premedication, you will wait with your child in our sedation waiting area, where you may read to your child or watch a movie with them on individual DVD players. Once sedated, we will treat your child with great care and respect.

After sedation, your child is not to go back to school. They will need to have someone at home with them to monitor them. Because our sedation is very mild, it may seem that your child is not sedated anymore. However, we still recommend that your child engage only in quiet play at home, and that they have limited physical activity.